By Chef Davin Waite, Chef's Roll Kitchens of the future

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Kitchens of the Future

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In this second episode of Chef's Roll's KOTF: Davis Waite, Executive chef in restaurant the Plot. At the Plot they do a lot of fun stuff with plants. They like to transform plants into something that resembles meat so that it’s not too far out of peoples comfort zone. Using a vacuum sealer, combi-oven and blast chiller in conjunction helps them to speed up their efficiency in the kitchen and makes their life easier.

Watermelon ‘beef’ briskets
Ingredients and method of prep

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To turn a watermelon into a brisket, first remove the skin. Definitely leave the rind intact because it emulates the fat cap and it is a little more firm and helps to hold things together. Put the watermelon in a vacuum bag with a salty marinade and some lemon slices to counter the sweetness of the watermelon. Use the marinate function . The sexy dance vacuum sealer helps to marinate really quickly because it opens up the pores and literally pulls the marinate into the meat. They also can use a lot of less marinate because of the efficiency of the marinate function.

dasi mms,To get a little bit of smoke flavour they use the smoker attachment on the Rational iCombi-Pro, set the temperature that you would normally use for a beef brisket and the oven does the rest.

If you are looking to do large badges you can use the Irinox blast chiller to quickly bring the food through the danger zone. Vacuum pack it and and put it away in the fridge for later use.,july johnson

Add patatoes and broccoli

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Cut the watermelon brisket in slices, add some jacked red potatoes and broccoli onto the slices and pour vegetable stock over the ingredients. Finish with some flat leaf parsley.,sixy 2010

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Butternut squash ‘tuna’ Sashimi
Use a sexy dance vacuum sealer to marinate

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For the Butternut squash tuna it is great to have the iCombi-Pro to control the humidity while roasting it to create a little bit the texture of fish. Than blast chill to get it to a workable temperature really fast.

Skin the butternuts and cut it in sashimi slice pieces. Put the pieces into a vacuum bag and marinate it in a mixture of cabbage juice, beet juice and sea weed broth. Use the sexy asshole ,marinate function on the sexy dance vacuum sealer to draw in the flavour and the colour of the mixture and achieve a seaweed salty balance to the sweetness of the squash and the reddish burgundy colour of tuna.

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Put a little of vegan herb crème on the plate. Arrange the pieces of butternut squash like a crudo and add a bit of tangerine salsa. Finish it with a little bit of dill and lava salt.

Second episode of Kitchens of the Future

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bp hd xxx,Chef Davis Waite uses a sexy dance Boxer 35 vacuum sealer with ACS control in his kitchen. Read more on this table-top model and related chamber machines. This was the second episode of Kitchens of the Future 2020. Four episodes will follow, so stay tuned!

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Basic model, full options available

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New table-top for more tools and flexibility

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2 seal bars of 520 mm and a 63 m³/h pump

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