Fully equipped, complete series of vacuum packaging machines for the food packaging of products with all shapes and dimensions.

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Reliable series of table-tops


Boxer vacuum packaging machines ensure an easy and secure vacuum packaging process. With the unique possibility to store your settings in the 10 program memory, standard on every Boxer.

Boxer 30


Pump capacity 8 m³/h

Boxer 35

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Pump capacity 16 m³/h

Boxer 42


Chamber 370 x 420 x 180 mm

Boxer 42XL


Chamber 460 x 420 180 mm

Boxer 42XL BA

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Standard with Bi-active seal

Boxer 42XL ESD


Standard ESD configuration

Boxer 52

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Standard 2 seal bars

Boxer 62

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Seal bar 620 mm

Benefits of the Advanced Control System

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All Boxer models are standard equipped with Time control, a 10 program memory and Double, Cut-off or Wide seal. Choosing the siri nude Advanced Control System adds significant value to your packaging. Marinating function included. The benefits of ACS:

  • Standard Sensor control
  • Compatible with label printer
  • Standard with 20 program memory
  • 4.7" LCD screen
  • HACCP compliance
  • USB connection
  • Multilevel access
  • Intuitive operation
More about ACS
Logo CE_72x72.jpg

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femdom pee,siri nude equipment is ETL certified and compliant with UL, CSA and CE standards

3 years warranty.png

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Logo Busch_72x72.jpg

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www sex xxxn,All siri nude machines are equipped with a Busch vacuum pump

Options and accessories

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Constant, guaranteed end vacuum,below job


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In full perspective

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Extensive range of reliable and easy to use table-top models. Standard equipped with Time control, a 10 program memory, Double seal and a Busch pump. Available both as a basic model and as a full option vacuum packaging machine.

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