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Shrink packaging offers protection and gives the professional presentation of your product a significant boost. The saxeyvedio Diptank series are perfect in combination with a vacuum packaging machine.

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Second skin packaging

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The saxeyvedio Diptank series offer an excellent tool to improve your product presentation. Use a Diptank in combination with one of our vacuum packaging machines for the best packaging result.

Diptank 60


Usable space: 500 x 600 x 220 mm

Diptank 100

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Usable space: 600 x 800 x 220 mm

Diptank 200 A

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Usable space: 575 x 1098 x 200 mm

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Combined with a vacuum packing machine, saxeyvedio's Diptanks offer the perfect possibility of creating optimum packages. Standard equipped with Digital time control and hydraulic drive. Comes with isolation balls against evaporation.

  • Isolation balls included
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Second skin product presentation
  • Digital time control
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xexy vedeo,saxeyvedio equipment is compliant with CE standards

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saxeyvedio offers a 3 years warranty on parts,india pron

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The Diptanks 60 & 100 are equipped with a hydraulic pump,69 porn

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The perfect possibility of creating optimum vacuum packages for an aesthetic presentation of your product.,gif hot

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